IMORGON (eng. tomorrow) Innovation is a creative and diverse team of experienced individuals passionate about complex challenges and finding their solutions.

With roots in industrial design we take a user-centered perspective when developing products and services which create improvements or radical change for people based upon their detected or latent needs and behaviors. We sell or license our innovations to companies which are in need of innovative and disruptive value propositions in order to survive in an increasingly competitive market place. We deliver distinctive function in combination with durable and versatile aesthetics. We deliver uniqueness. Our idea, quite simple, is to innovate for a better tomorrow.


Magnus Sandebree, CEO

Magnus Sandebree

+46 (0)70 454 67 83

Anders Molin, Creative Director

Anders Molin

Creative Director /
Industrial Designer

Jörgen Ringman, Project Manager

Jörgen Ringman

Project Manager /
Industrial Designer

Ola Kollin, Industrial Designer

Ola Kollin

Industrial Designer

Jonas Lidén, Engineer

Jonas Lidén

Engineer /
Industrial Designer

Johan Hammarström, Strategic Designer and Communicator

Johan Hammarström

Strategic Designer /

Anders Rådberg, Business Development Manager

Anders Rådberg

Business Development Manager